Barbara E. Sharp

   Sometimes the best laid plans ‘o mice an’ men go astray. This loosely translated quote of poet, Robert Burns, describes Helen and Bens’s plans for an upcountry mini vacation. Just as they settle into their Makawao B&B, Ben receives a phone call with tragic news about his brother.
    Unable to believe the bad news, he and the Lahaina sleuths begin to investigate. Soon a strange series of events draws them into yet another far-reaching mystery, starting with an auto theft, followed by the appearance of a prowler and the murder of an archaeologist.
   Interspersed with all this intrigue, life does manage to have some normal events: Helen gives a historical tour to some visitors, friends attend a cruise ship party on her patio, Aunt Vera comes to visit, and Mambo and Windy find a new friend.
   As Ben, Helen, Justin and Nacho research the past 20 years of brother Gus’s life, they piece together information that leads them into extreme danger that culminates in a frightening shootout with notorious thieves from the mid-east. Then, just when they think it’s all over a sick maniac rises from the ashes, seeking revenge

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