Barbara E. Sharp

Hawaii is such a peaceful, romantic place to live. Itís hard to believe in this paradise, that one little indiscretion could lead the Lahaina sleuths into a life of crime. What set it off? . . . The whack to Benís head? The monkey? Nachoís skills at breaking and entering?
Fortunately for Ben, Helen, Nacho and Justin, they have some really diversified friends. Two of these, considered to be specialists, come to their aid, and before long a group of local friends have jumped in wanting to help. Unfortunately, several of these friends get caught up in the mess, too.
As things go from bad to worse, the sleuths must face a bizarre funeral service, a murder, and a death in the family. It will take not only the help of their friends, but a whole lot of soul-searching, snooping, and deducing, to solve this one!

These books are available in a number of E-Book formats.

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