Barbara E. Sharp

    Intrigue builds as Helen Grant, Lahaina's Historian, begins researching the genealogy of the Smythe family. Using microfilmed depositions, old logs, and letters, she unearths five generations, dating from 1844, during Lahaina's whaling days, to a present day U.S. Senator. When Jamie's body washes up on the beach, Helen and Ben, along with their friends, Nacho and Justin, begin to learn surveillance, snooping, and eavesdropping, in a somewhat bumbling but determined attempt to find the killer. As they close in on the suspect, they plan a daring sting operation that puts Helen and Mambo, the cat, face to face with the killer and his knife.
   When the murderer is safely behind bars, Helen leaves for Hana on an archaeological dig, where she meets Ioane, a local man who helps locate the Hawaiian side of the Smythe family.
A letter arrives too late to warn Jamie of impending danger, but succeeds in bringing closure to a 30-year-old mystery, adding the final nail to the killer's coffin.
   Helen and Ben are fascinated as Joe relates his father's amazing story, beginning on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor. At that time James French, a young sailor, caught two notorious enemy spies, met his future wife, and went AWOL, setting the stage for his amazing life.
   Now, 50 some years later, James, a foxy gentleman in his seventies, arrives in Lahaina. He is a man of many faces - perhaps an international spy, or as his son suspects, just a wily old con man.
   James is aiding an international organization from Tel Aviv in their search for valuable art objects stolen by Nazis during WWII. With his band of Lahaina "agents," including Helen, Ben, Nacho, Justin and others, they use unorthodox schemes to unearth information about Valdera, the third spy, now living on Maui with his family, a mixed bag of Byrdes.
Just when the sleuths think the adventure is over, they find themselves chasing an arsonist through Lahaina town, at night, in hurricane winds, with sirens blaring.
   October in Lahaina is humid, still, and lazy - a time to doze in a hammock by the lapping surf, catching whatever small breeze there may be. Helen and Ben’s life slows to a snails pace until a series of break-ins bring them out of the doldrums. Clues from an old notebook, and tall tales of midnight screams and a howling dog, begin to conjure up a gruesome murder scenario from the past.
   Nacho and Justin join forces with Helen, Ben, Keoni and Lani, to piece it all together. Then unexpectedly a friend dies, a ransom note is found, and Halloween night turns grim as an unorthodox plan unfolds.
   Life has a tendency to continue on, no matter what, so with the exception of a surprise ending to Helen’s big party, and the unexpected pyrotechnics show that thrills a crowd of people on Front Street, the sleuth’s day to day lives remain fairly normal. Helen writes about Plantation History, Ben throws Sam’s parents and their shrunken head out of his house, Mambo and Windy plan a crime, and Justin goes in search of raccoons.
   The Right Time is a story of deepening friendships, both human and feline, that are bonded not only by shared experiences, but with doses of good conversation and lots of humor.
   A fierce Kona storm moves up the Hawaiian island chain, bringing thunder, lightning, rain and wind to Maui, and setting the stage for the drama about to unfold. Helen, Nacho, Justin, a mysterious old lady and the cats wait out the tempest in the comfort of Helen's house, while outside, a few feet away, a murderer lurks in the dark night.The storm forces Ben, who is on his way home from Fiji, to make an unscheduled stop on Molokai. Determined to get back to Maui, he begins the complicated and sometimes hair-raising conclusion to his journey.Danger escalates when, blown by an ill wind, a collection of dangerous troublemakers arrives in Lahaina town. Friends, both old and new, must pull together in a coalition of strength, to determine which lifesaving choices and hunches to follow. These decisions must not be wrong, for riding on the outcome is the life of a dear friend.
fifth_thm.jpg (8032 bytes)THE FIFTH BOOK
   Sometimes the best laid plans ‘o mice an’ men go astray. This loosely translated quote of poet, Robert Burns, describes Helen and Bens’s plans for an upcountry mini vacation. Just as they settle into their Makawao B&B, Ben receives a phone call with tragic news about his brother. Unable to believe the bad news, he and the Lahaina sleuths begin to investigate. Soon a strange series of events draws them into yet another far-reaching mystery, starting with an auto theft, followed by the appearance of a prowler and the murder of an archaeologist.
   Interspersed with all this intrigue, life does manage to have some normal events: Helen gives a historical tour to some visitors, friends attend a cruise ship party on her patio, Aunt Vera comes to visit, and Mambo and Windy find a new friend.
   As Ben, Helen, Justin and Nacho research the past 20 years of brother Gus’s life, they piece together information that leads them into extreme danger that culminates in a frightening shootout with notorious thieves from the mid-east. Then, just when they think it’s all over a sick maniac rises from the ashes, seeking revenge
   Helen and Ben and the cats have been vacationing for months on their new boat, camping, fishing, beachcombing and enjoying the beauty of Hawaii's beaches. Then one morning a rifle shot rings out, shattering the serenity and causing them to run for cover. In retrospect it seems as though this was a warning shot, but in real-time they had no forewarning of the shocking events that lay in wait.
    As danger comes close to home, Helen faces something from her past; something she would just as soon ignore. Fellow sleuths, Nacho and Justin, with the help of a clumsy undercover agent, form a circle of protection. As the strange events continue, local police and firemen come to the rescue, and Helen and Ben's friends go way beyond the call of duty to protect them.
    It will take courage, skill and deductive reasoning to find a solution to the chaos, but what's the harm in having a little fun along the way? . . . barbecues, meetings at Pineapples, a hunt for a dead body, dinner out, a baby shower? . . . can't hurt!
   Hawaii is such a peaceful, romantic place to live. Itís hard to believe in this paradise, that one little indiscretion could lead the Lahaina sleuths into a life of crime. What set it off? . . .
The whack to Benís head? The monkey? Nachoís skills at breaking and entering? Fortunately for Ben, Helen, Nacho and Justin, they have some really diversified friends.
Two of these, considered to be specialists, come to their aid, and before long a group of local friends have jumped in wanting to help.
Unfortunately, several of these friends get caught up in the mess, too.
As things go from bad to worse, the sleuths must face a bizarre funeral service, a murder, and a death in the family. It will take not only the help of their friends, but a whole lot of soul-searching, snooping, and deducing, to solve this one!
The Hawaiian islands are north of the equator in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from anywhere. North to Alaska is 3,000 miles - east to California, 2,400 miles - south to Australia, 5,000 miles and west to Japan 4,000. Maui sits midway in the chain of eight islands.
On the leeward side is the historical town of Lahaina, home to a group of four amateur sleuths: Ben, Helen, Justin and Nacho. They appear to be ordinary people leading ordinary lives, but appearances can be deceiving. For instance, Justin thinks he may have witnessed a murder.
A few Government spies, a cat and some really resourceful friends join in the dangerous hunt for the killer and his boss, relying, as usual, on their natural instincts . . . and a little help from an amazing tech gadget.


When you finish reading The Seawall, you may wonder if that's it.
Let me assure you that "it" is only just beginning.

In Book #9, Helen, Ben, Nacho and Justin are on the adventure of a life time. They will travel to places they have never seen before, meet the worst of humanity and the best of humanity. A dying man with his last breath, will whisper a vital clue. It's dangerous out there in the world of global espionage, but they have a plan:
trust no one, leave no trail, stay out of sight and use the methods that have always worked in the past.

Being cats, Mambo and Windy have been left at home with cat-sitters and way too much time on their hands. (Paws)
One thing leads to another until they are entangled in a strange little adventure of their own.

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