Barbara E. Sharp

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    Helen and Ben and the cats have been vacationing for months on their new boat, camping, fishing, beachcombing and enjoying the beauty of Hawaii's beaches. Then one morning a rifle shot rings out, shattering the serenity and causing them to run for cover. In retrospect it seems as though this was a warning shot, but in real-time they had no forewarning of the shocking events that lay in wait.
    As danger comes close to home, Helen faces something from her past; something she would just as soon ignore. Fellow sleuths, Nacho and Justin, with the help of a clumsy undercover agent, form a circle of protection. As the strange events continue, local police and firemen come to the rescue, and Helen and Ben's friends go way beyond the call of duty to protect them.
    It will take courage, skill and deductive reasoning to find a solution to the chaos, but what's the harm in having a littlefun along the way? . . . barbecues, meetings at Pineapples, a hunt for a dead body, dinner out, a baby shower? . . . can't hurt!


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