"I am enjoying your books so much, I can't wait for the next one to come out. Even though I have been to Maui only two times I can see the places in my mind - both the places I know and the ones that are part of your stories. Helen and Ben are delightful people I can clearly visualize as well as their friends, and of course Mambo and Windy!! I must admit that the dining descriptions do make me get up and get a snack but to me that's really an indication of a great story - feeling so involved in what's going on that you have to join the group! Makes me want to pack up and head for the island.
     Keep up the great work. Looking forward to number four!"       B.R. CA

     "I purchased the first two novels whilst in Lahaina in April - a great read and I had them finished before landing back in the UK -  the third spy made a long flight very enjoyable.
       Please can you advise me when the Right Time book is available for purchase,
posted to the UK.
      Many thanks and please don't stop at 3 books.    All the best, BP."

     "I thoroughly enjoyed your two books...I definitely felt I was still in  Lahaina and seeing the places, feeling the spirit of the island. I totally enjoy Helen, Ben, Nacho, Justin, Sam and that Mambo!  ... and thanks for the history...I am learning more of Maui's history from these books."   (C.H. New York)

    "I just finished reading The Third Spy ...I have never read a mystery before that was combined with such delightful playfulness."    (J.L. in Seattle)

    "Reading your books brings back so many fun memories (of Maui)... My husband thinks I am nuts, laughing out loud as I read..."    (R.K. Coon Rapids, MN)

    Just wanted to let you know I couldn't put it down...Can hardly wait to read  the third book."   (J.O. in Des Moines, WA)

    ..."Having seen some of the spots in Lahaina, which you write about, it feels as if I'm transported there. Now I need to finish the first one to see "whodunit!"   (J.S., Grand Junction, CO)

    ...I'm not in this book, am I?     (Local resident of Lahaina)

I came across your books in the Courthouse and snapped up #1 and #3. Before I finished the first, I wished I'd bought them all.

.C.B. Do you have a new book coming out soon? Your books are such fun.

D.L. I often wish I could sit with you in Pineapples, eating macadamia nut donuts and drinking coffee, while we talk story

M. in Florida I've downloaded the first 3 books (on my Kindle)

when I finish reading the 7th, I know I will want at least 7 more . . . S.M. in California

I have read the first Lahaina Mystery, and have been nearly everywhere you describe there ... never had a mosquito bite here or used a machete ... I will read them all and am already recommending them to people. Here is Varmint reading your second book on the lanai in what he calls "Meowee"
... Sue.



These books are available in a number of E-Book formats.

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