Barbara E. Sharp

When you finish reading The Seawall, you may wonder if that's it.
Let me assure you that "it" is only just beginning.

In Book #9, Helen, Ben, Nacho and Justin are on the adventure of a life time. They will travel to places they have never seen before, meet the worst of humanity and the best of humanity. A dying man with his last breath, will whisper a vital clue. It's dangerous out there in the world of global espionage, but they have a plan:
trust no one, leave no trail, stay out of sight and use the methods that have always worked in the past.

Being cats, Mambo and Windy have been left at home with cat-sitters and way too much time on their hands. (Paws)
One thing leads to another until they are entangled in a strange little adventure of their own.




These books are available in a number of E-Book formats.


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