Barbara E. Sharp

    October in Lahaina is humid, still, and lazy - a time to doze in a hammock by the lapping surf. Helen and Ben's life slows to a snails pace until a series of break-ins bring them out of the doldrums.
Clues from an old notebook, and tall tales of midnight screams and a howling dog, begin to conjure up a gruesome murder scenario from the past.
Nacho and Justin join forces with Helen, Ben, Keoni and Lani, to piece it all together.
Then unexpectedly a friend dies, a ransom note is found, and Halloween night turns grim as an unorthodox plan unfolds.
With the exception of the surprise ending to Helen's big party, and the unexpected pyrotechnics show that thrills people on Front Street, the sleuth's day to day lives remain fairly normal.
Helen writes about Plantation History, Ben throws Sam's parents and their shrunken head out of his house, Mambo and Windy plan a crime, and Justin goes in search of raccoons.
The Right Time is a story of deepening friendships, both human and feline, that are bonded not only by shared experiences, but with doses of good conversation and lots of humor.

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