Barbara E. Sharp

The Hawaiian islands are north of the equator in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from anywhere. North to Alaska is 3,000 miles - east to California, 2,400 miles - south to Australia, 5,000 miles and west to Japan 4,000. Maui sits midway in the chain of eight islands. On the leeward side is the historical town of Lahaina, home to a group of four amateur sleuths: Ben, Helen, Justin and Nacho. They appear to be ordinary people leading ordinary lives, but appearances can be deceiving. For instance, Justin thinks he may have witnessed a murder.

A few Government spies, a cat and some really resourceful friends join in the dangerous hunt for the killer and his boss, relying, as usual, on their natural instincts . . . and a little help from an amazing tech gadget.



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