Barbara E. Sharp

...   A fierce Kona storm moves up the Hawaiian island chain, bringing thunder, lightning, rain and wind to Maui, and setting the stage for the drama about to unfold. Helen, Nacho, Justin, a mysterious old lady and the cats wait out the tempest in the comfort of Helen's house, while outside, a few feet away, a murderer lurks in the dark night.The storm forces Ben, who is on his way home from Fiji, to make an unscheduled stop on Molokai. Determined to get back to Maui, he begins the complicated and sometimes hair-raising conclusion to his journey.Danger escalates when, blown by an ill wind, a collection of dangerous troublemakers arrives in Lahaina town. Friends, both old and new, must pull together in a coalition of strength, to determine which lifesaving choices and hunches to follow. These decisions must not be wrong, for riding on the outcome is the life of a dear friend.

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